Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bill Daul ("Build All") Party de-Brief, Photos, Auction Revival and Report-outs

Post-Party Photos, Report, & Auction Update.  

Bill Daul, Tammy Chan,  Joy Mountford and Eileen Clegg
The Bill Daul Fest on April 16 was a success in all ways! Scroll down for Photos. Link here to insights from the World Cafe and check out the refreshed online auction (through May 1).  But first...Thank you to all who joined us, all those who contributed, and all those who did both. Everyone was so generous in all ways. Thank you Bill for accepting all the attention gracefully and reminding us how your "human glue" holds relationships together.

 Thank you to Claudia Welss, the NextNow Collaboratory's visionary who provides the container and spark, keeping the NextNow vision burning.  Thank you Joy Mountford for the full-of-feeling photographs of the event. Thank you again to all FOB (Friends of Bill), we raised a goodly sum as a birthday gift for him, supporting him in his good work for the NextNow community. We have re-opened the auction benefitting Bill and NextNow with some new additions and few items left from the original auction, and some new additions--including an historic mousepad signed by three of the most influential people in technology.  We still have some beautiful photography by Joy Mountford, services and other Silicon Valley memorabilia. Auction closes May 1.  Link to Items. 

Seeing the community rally for Bill was amazing. Thank you to co-organizers Joy Mountford and Tammy Chan who helped all of us discover that Silicon Valley does have a 💚.


Amy Jussel and Karen Engelbart

LtoR: John Kelly, Pat Dunbar, Betsy Burroughs,  Claudia L'Amoreaux, Gil Friend

Dart Lindsley and Jeff Saperstein through a window

Wonderful photos by Joy Mountford (some are still available)
Amy Jussel brought the cake for Bill

Bill handled with grace being the center of attention

Jeff Saperstein reading his tribute

All ages!

Cheers!  Magical photo by Joy Mountford

Birthday Magic

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