Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What in the World (Cafe) Did We Learn at Bill Daul's Party?

Below are insights from the NextNow's World Cafe at Bill's party.  Also check out Party-Success Debrief and Photos, Revival of the Auction and More Tributes to Bill

About the World Cafe

Many people in our NextNow community got together dozen or so years ago because of shared interest in the potential for technology to support learning. Dr. Douglas Engelbart was a member and an inspiration for the group. NextNow has evolved to include people with different aspirational ideas about the potential for humans and technology to co-evolve in a way that will benefit all. To celebrate Bill's birthday, we decided to also celebrate the NextNow by running a World Cafe,  the conversation process that brings everyone in the room together in small groups. We chose the five questions in the above graphic. The conversations were engaging enough that people took a break from socializing to deliver some insights, as follows:

 What do you wish everyone knew?

  1. Every person learns at his/her own speed, so all teaching should allow own-speed learning--really only technology can allow this.
  2. Most things that people worry about won't happen anyway.
  3. Everyone is unique, just like everyone else. We cannot know about their inner state.
  4. Data ARE or Data R.
  5. You're not who you think you are (then who are you?)
  6. Know thyself, teach from there.
  7. We are (all) one people.
  8. Interdependence:  Thought + critical thinking + action.
  9. You are loved.
  10. Wish everyone knew a common language.
  11. This moment is the only you have (make it count).
  12. Your neighbors.
  13. Corporations  are not people, but they're made up of people.
  14. When we discuss (and open to others ideas)--we are better--Conversations are the stem cells of learning.
  15. 💜
  16. Understanding is deeper then what is seen on the surface.
  17. There's always another chapter (in life).
  18. Intuition can be refined and developed to increase creativity.

What are we missing when we think about the Future? 

  • As we redefine the future, how do we also plan for those who will suffer from the new definition?
  • We are missing a model that includes love.
  • Being more inclusive and less separated
  • Where will appreciation of nature fit into our sphere--"unplug" time...
  • The impact of the "haves" on the "have nots" and balancing that conundrum.
  • Missing information...what's happening down the line.
  • Missing a "process" that can deal with uncertainty and emergence.
  • Utilitarian focus (greatest good for the greatest number of people)
  • Courage to tell the truth (Bernie Sanders?) and happier moments for more people
  • Solitude - aloneness is valuable and needs to be protected.
  • When we humans are gone, the Earth will regenerate.
  • 💜

How do we convince stakeholders/corporations/people of the value of Bill Daul("Build All")-esque ( Engelbart's "human system") capabilities?

  • Distinguish those that/who have benefitted from those who haven't yet benefitted
  • Invite those who have gotten value from Doug Engelbart's ideas into the ecommunity:  SRI, Logitech, Apple, Microsoft,  etc.
  • Offer a way to prevent (corporate) burn-out through the human systems.
  • Look more into long-term perspective.
  • Value not evident unless seen from inside the organizational culture.
  • Incorporate "always connect" into corporate products so they have a sustained value and believability, and soul connection.
  • Shine a slight on "cradle to cradle" (?) to increase soul-connection
  • Have experience (create it) where intuition and connection are dominant through a narrative
  • It my value my knowledge or my acceptance of your knowledge?

How do we re-start the NextNow dialogue? 

  • Have multi-generational leadership.
  • Nominate and vote for more organizers.
  • Intention-through-action on focused mission.
  • Sharing successes (HOW?)
  • Nominate NextNow community management.
  • Outside contribution of energy, such as recruiting interns.
  • Connect to contemporary movements like Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter.
  • New systems to integrate people + vision.

How do we augment (re-ignite) Doug Engelbart's vision?

  • Unify groups of like-minded people who have the same passions. 
  • Incorporate into university curriculum.
  • The technology augments what OUR focus is.
  • What is the group's vision?
  • Make cell-free zones--limit the technology.
  • Social and emotional technology.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bill Daul ("Build All") Party de-Brief, Photos, Auction Revival and Report-outs

Post-Party Photos, Report, & Auction Update.  

Bill Daul, Tammy Chan,  Joy Mountford and Eileen Clegg
The Bill Daul Fest on April 16 was a success in all ways! Scroll down for Photos. Link here to insights from the World Cafe and check out the refreshed online auction (through May 1).  But first...Thank you to all who joined us, all those who contributed, and all those who did both. Everyone was so generous in all ways. Thank you Bill for accepting all the attention gracefully and reminding us how your "human glue" holds relationships together.

 Thank you to Claudia Welss, the NextNow Collaboratory's visionary who provides the container and spark, keeping the NextNow vision burning.  Thank you Joy Mountford for the full-of-feeling photographs of the event. Thank you again to all FOB (Friends of Bill), we raised a goodly sum as a birthday gift for him, supporting him in his good work for the NextNow community. We have re-opened the auction benefitting Bill and NextNow with some new additions and few items left from the original auction, and some new additions--including an historic mousepad signed by three of the most influential people in technology.  We still have some beautiful photography by Joy Mountford, services and other Silicon Valley memorabilia. Auction closes May 1.  Link to Items. 

Seeing the community rally for Bill was amazing. Thank you to co-organizers Joy Mountford and Tammy Chan who helped all of us discover that Silicon Valley does have a 💚.


Amy Jussel and Karen Engelbart

LtoR: John Kelly, Pat Dunbar, Betsy Burroughs,  Claudia L'Amoreaux, Gil Friend

Dart Lindsley and Jeff Saperstein through a window

Wonderful photos by Joy Mountford (some are still available)
Amy Jussel brought the cake for Bill

Bill handled with grace being the center of attention

Jeff Saperstein reading his tribute

All ages!

Cheers!  Magical photo by Joy Mountford

Birthday Magic

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Back by request!  With jazzy new items. We are continuing the auction from the party. Some items were already won (we've marked them) but due to an abundance of visiting at the party, and not enough organizational focus on the auction, we still have items available as part of our fund-raiser for Bill.  Please look through and if there is something you'd like, email eileen@visualinsight.net with your bid.  Deadline is Sunday, May 1, Midnight Eastern, 9 PM Pacific. Thanks!

Reformatted / large version of (father of Hypertext) Ted Nelson's seminal 1971 revolutionary book COMPUTER LIB.  Bidding starts at $35. Already won


Mousepad signed by (1) Father of Collective IQ & Inventor of the Mouse, Doug Engelbart, (2) Co-Inventor of the Internet, Vint Cerf, and (3) the man who carved the first mouse (pictured here) of mahogany, Bill English. Bidding starts at $1500.00. Bid is $1700. Bid is $2000. Bid is $2100.  Bid is $2200. Bid is $2300.


Original photo, framed, by the original human-computer interaction designer JOY Mountford, whose keen eye for meaningful design brought the computer to life with motion graphics at Apple in the 1980s. Bidding starts at $50.Already won

Framed photo by JOY MOUNTFORD. Bidding starts at $50  Bid of $85 received. 


Framed photo by JOY MOUNTFORD. Bidding starts at $50. 


Framed photo by Joy Mountford. Bidding starts at $50.  Bid of $50 received.

Computer programming genius and cook extraordinaire Dan Esbensen is offering to cook a Chili Dinner for up to 6 people... at your home.  Dan will supply all ingredients and cooking. Bidding starts at $35. Already won.

A 100+ year history mural showing the Co-Evolution of Human and Tool Systems, was originally created by visual journalist Eileen Clegg at a scale of 4 X 28 feet.  This reproduction is 1 X 7 feet. Bidding starts at $50.  Already won.

Vintage IFTF (Institute for the Future) vest -- with their original 20th century logo. Size small. Bidding starts at $50.

Vintage IFTF T-shirt (Circa-2002), size small. Bidding starts at $25  Already won

Framed photo by JOY MOUNTFORD.  Bidding starts at $50. Bid is $50. 


Framed photo by JOY MOUNTFORD, bidding starts at $50. Already won

Framed photo by JOY MOUNTFORD. Bidding starts at $50. 

D A T A  V I Z  I N  3 D

Leading edge data visualization for assessment and planning--used by educational institutions, corporations, nonprofits and individuals--with planning session and software provided by technology pioneer Valerie Landau.  Bidding starts at $2,600.  


Photo by JOY MOUNTFORD.  Bidding starts at $50.  Bid is $85.



Computer programming genius Dan Esbensen, also is donating two hours of candy-making. Fun for all ages.  Dan will supply the sugar  Bidding starts at $25



Tributes to Bill

Please enjoy these tributes to Bill, and feel free to add more in the comments section. 


“Only Connect: NextNow and Bill Daul are interwoven across the synapses with E. M. Forster's quiet exhortation "Only Connect". To connect the prose and the passion, the reflection and the action, the future and the present, the young and the old, the art and the science, the difference in the similarity and the similarity in the difference, to cultivate the emergence of something deeper and larger and mutually enabling. To live in fragments no more. And, of course, the clue has always been in the name: Bill Daul – Build All.”—David Price

 “Bill is a most stellar human being”—Brenda Dalal

“Sending sending Bill huge hugs of gratitude and love for all he has done for so many in the NN Network, and the garden of connections he has enabled to bloom, spreading the collaborative pollen to the world.”—Bojana Fazar

Bill: the embodiment of an understated gentleman who puts us all before himself and his needs. He tirelessly and selflessly has unknowingly created the intangible network of what truly matters the most and lasts the longest: people and their stories. He has created a plethora of interconnections in our knowledge life which in turn has built numerous growing and lasting friendships. Bill, thank you for truly enriching our lives immeasurably. --JOY Mountford
“Bill was a wonderful person to call up when I arrived in Palo Alto, where I lived for just over a year. We met for coffee and passionate conversation. From there I started coming to several NextNow events. I would also join Bill to take the train to San Francisco for Betsy’s Salon. Being the great networker he is, Bill always magnetizes cool, fascinating people and invites them to events where there will be more movers and shakers like themselves. So there would always be a group of us on the train chatting and laughing on our way to Betsy’s. Bill loves to connect people, he loves talking ideas and sniffs out visionaries and brilliantly inspired creative people like a dog with an inquisitive nose.”--Nicola Walker

Environment for Collaboration. The further I look into successful collaboration, the more I see it resonates around certain elements that create the necessary environment.  Research by Garvin, Edmondson, & Gino (GEG, 2008) identifies the critical elements of a learning culture, a culture that creates the environment for exploration of new ideas.  And the success of NextNow, I will suggest, is because it inherently draws up on those elements, via the special value of Bill’s contribution.Garvin, Edmondson, & Gino tout four things as the necessary environmental factors. One is not just tolerance of diversity, but actually valuing it. A second element is being open to new ideas. Also necessary is time for reflection.  Finally, it has to be safe to share.  Together, these elements provide a space where learning can flourish. In NextNow, every event is centered on people sharing.  The structures of the events necessarily induce individuals to participate.  And time for reflection, alone and together, is a natural outcome of the structure as well.  The people in NextNow have intrinsically created the structure of spaces that reflect these requirements.The other two elements draw naturally on Bill’s talents. He embodies connecting people of diverse interests but a shared interest in new ideas.  He listens thoughtfully and deeply, and finds those he intuitively knows will be able to contribute in productive ways to what is going on. NextNow is a model of an effective learning community, and fundamental to this are the people involved.  Bringing the right people together, to foster creative friction, is at core how Bill has allowed the NextNow community to flourish. And for that, we are all grateful. (Garvin, D. A., Edmondson, A. C, & Gino, F. (2008). Is Yours a Learning Organization?  Harvard Business Review. March, 2008). --Clark Quinn

“‘Humility and full consciousness are inseparable’.—-Bryant McGill. Humility and Consciousness: perhaps these strengths may best reflect the energy that Bill Daul blesses to those who have been fortunate to be in his orbit of friendship. I have benefitted greatly through Bill’s beneficence. He loves making human connections that blossom into great friendships. The many NN events Bill has enabled us to attend, either through getting us entrance to events or to NN sponsored happenings, gave us opportunity for deepening contact with fellow travelers who have high aspirations and purpose. Bill may not be aware of how much he has enriched our lives, but this celebration gives us the chance to say, ‘Thank you Bill’. You have been our human glue to connection and love we discover in the presence of like minded souls as well as the chance to know about wonderful activities of those you have brought into our lives.--Jeff Saperstein

“Bill Daul enlarged my life in late 2007 when he came to a presentation of my one woman musical in San Francisco and began importing me and my brand of improvisational workshops from Los Angeles to the area.
“We began in Berkeley, then migrated to a church recreation room in Palo Alto. What fantastic folks Bill brought to play--fun, fast learning, innovative, up for anything. Coming from a show biz universe, the fine minds I met through Bill’s outreach showed me how much I was missing.
“What a fantastic improv player is Bill, himself, which surprised me at first, as he tends to play himself down and others up to his own detriment. His training at BATS served him well, and his ability to adapt to scenes with anyone about anything was beyond impressive. His mental acuity and physical agility, his sense of the ironic, his range of characters, accents, funny walks --he proved the ideal utility player--able to be part of the ensemble or star, always in an unassuming way.
“His constancy in co creating the classes, booking and securing the lovely spaces, fetching me at San Jose Airport, also won my gratitude for his good heart, kindness, enthusiasm and support for new ideas and the people that grow them.  Our in car conversations to and fro always enlarged my perspective on technology, which became less intimidating with time and our talks.  I'll always carry fond memories of the Pear Avenue Theater in Mountain View which became home for our meet ups for a number of years.
“How I wished I could have partaken of the cross pollination of NextNow more often. I finally got to attend a Wed. night Serious Conversation in 2015 and loved every moment.  What a terrific community he and you hath wrought.  We're all so busy, but I hope it long continues in some form, and spawns new, like-minded groups.
“I know he's taken the loss of his brother very hard.  I so wish I could materialize to give him a hug of empathy and thanks and happy birthday wishes this year with you all. Hope he can be as good to himself as he is to the world!”—Melanie Chartoff

“I met Bill along in 1990 while I was working for Apple when I went to meet with Doug Engelbart the first time. I think Bill was working for Sun at that time. He was a gentle, friendly, knowledgeable and kind soul who was a right hand to Doug that particular day. We became friends and started supporting Doug in various ways. When I was doing some coaching for Doug, Bill was most helpful to see how I could adjust myself to Doug’s temperament to be effective. Though coaching had to be stopped because Doug was not responsive, Bill and I met regularly and we used to have Hobee Gatherings almost on a biweekly basis. During those gatherings, I met with Jim, Maren, Lente, Caryn and so many other people and we used to think of ways to spread Doug’s message and also share our learnings and wisdom with each other.
I believe in my 26 years of knowing Bill, I found him to be most helpful, knowledgeable and generous person that I know of. I love him like a brother and he is so well connected and respected that he should get some monthly allowance for the work that he has already done so that he does not have to worry for his future.
I wish Bill the best on his birthday and thank him for creating NextNow and for his friendship and gifts to me.” – Prasad Kaipa

Crossing paths with Bill was a fortunate coincidence but our relationship and memories together that have formed since we're filled with good spirit and intent. Bill is one of those rare individuals who see the best in people and then connect those "best" aspect with other similar people; in other words, he's the "human glue" that has connect Tammy and Jacqueline and Nicole with many other passionate folks in the area. Bill sees where our future is headed, but believes that we can do better if we work together and has a vision of a better alternative future. NextNow is a manifestation of Bill's vision and has been a strong community because of the relationships we have formed which can all be traced back to Bill. NextNow is filled is energy, passion, creativity, and hope and provides a great opportunity to give back in my community. Thanks to Bill, he has introduced us to so many great people who have impacted our lives in the past few years. - Jacqueline, Tammy, and Nicole Chan

Bill, as a writer 200 words won’t cut it, so I hereby bequeath you a monthly birthday blurb of appreciation beginning today, to remind you that you are in our hearts every day, all year long. As we celebrate your presence on this planet and your contributions to NextNow I’ll begin by going backwards to your days as a river raft guide:

You’ve helped NextNow navigate prickly personalities among some remarkably intelligent human beings, helping us all decide who should be on what boat, who should guide and mentor whom, who paddles way too fast and ends up spinning in circles and who sits back and enjoys the ride with minimal steerage. You remind us about balancing the boat of skill sets and placing the right weight and mix to flow forward through the rapids of innovation. Granted, we haven’t made full use of our collective knowledge, as we often haul out our own rigs, battered from solo sojourns, nodding ‘it’ll be smoother next time with more experience,’ but you often inspire us to turn toward each other, tie up the rafts and circle together as a fleet.

You’ve always been quick to toss your friendship out there as a life line to members who may have fallen overboard in troubled times, with a clarion call to others as a ‘heads up’ to keep eyes on sight, and an extended hand to haul back in the boat. We hope you know the NextNow tribe is trying hard to do the same for you as years progress with fiscal and physical whitewater ahead. We all love you, Bill. May your next year around the sun shine bright and bold. 
“Bill has been a loyal friend for many years...Over 35! And has helped me with support with my business. He deserves the best tribute!”—Soni Bergman

“Thanks to Bill for his participation in many SRI AI center seminars——he has recommended some of our best speakers. And he’s always a positive presence.”—Richard Waldinger

Ideas spreading like Wildflowers.  When Claudia Welss first started the NextNow, she came up with the meme "ideas spreading like wildflowers" and I think about the importance of soil for growth. Wildflowers grow randomly, not in neat rows or with ongoing cultivation. But still they need good soil. My metaphor for NextNow is as a global network of rich patches of life-giving soil. Bill Daul finds and nurtures those patches, and enables cross-pollination. I want to add to what Clark said about the conditions for growth of innovation and community—safety, diversity, reflection space, and openness to ideas.  Bill has a special personality/character that enables this and I believe his capabilities will be those most valued in the future, when organizations will be putting human systems first. Anyone who has ever had a new idea and shared it with Bill knows what I am talking about. He nurtures idea seedlings because he recognizes and values creativity. He creates a safe place for the shoots to grow into value-producing activities and successful offerings. Diversity is essential and Bill encourages this by not just introducing people, but helping them understand one another and sometimes to get over misunderstandings. Innovation is not an individual thing. Every great idea needs strategy, community, audience, and support of all kinds. Bill puts people together based on his intuitive understanding of people, then nurtures those connections. Many people in our community have created successful ventures due to Bill’s quiet, behind-the-scenes support.  Here’s hoping we can shine a light on the inner-workings of the kind innovation system that NextNow embodies. -- Eileen Clegg